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TRANSPORTATION AGENCY LA ESPADA, S.L. is a company whose objective is the transport of goods by road. It is a company committed to quality and environmental management that aims at bringing more confidence to their customers.


Customer’s satisfaction must be gained by means of quality services that meet the customer’s implicit and explicit expectations and on-time deliveries that are environmentally friendly.


The Management of T. A. LA ESPADA, S.L. wants to express their desire to be acknowledged by its employees, customers and general society as a company responsible and respectful to its employees, its products and to the environment in every decision and activity it develops.


T. A. LA ESPADA, S. L. considers and states the following strategic management objectives:


  • Obtaining customers’ complete satisfaction in strict compliance with agreed specifications and commitment acquired.
  • Maintaining high standards on quality and innovation within a permanent system based on continuous optimization.
  • Complying with the applicable legislation and with other requirements subscribed by the company to any of its activities related to quality, environmental management, sustainability and to the safety of the product transported by subcontractors.
  • Triggering and encouraging maximum motivation in the fields of quality and proper environmental management in the staff.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Raising awareness among the employees on the importance that the proper management of declared environmental aspects has, and try to minimize, as much as possible, waste generation.

To reach these goals, the Management of T. A. LA ESPADA, S.L. leads and encourages the development of the following actions as a policy:


  • Establishing and maintaining an Integral System on Quality and Environmental Management which is effective, efficient, continuous, planned and developed together with the rest of Management’s functions.
  • Carrying out an adequate selection of vendors.
  • Reassuring that the staff is thoroughly familiar with the company’s objectives and policies thanks to our instruction and training program directed to all our employees.
  • Continuously improving our services and preventing pollution.

T. A. LA ESPADA, S. L. considers customers as the central element of the company and is committed to satisfying their needs. To do this, our company defined and established a quality improvement program based on direct and ongoing communication with customers, which identifies their needs and connects their measures of satisfaction with internal process monitoring.


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The Management of La Espada Group has invested effort and resources in order to improve security conditions during the development of transport services, and is working on the perpetuation of a safe culture that reduces accident rates every year.


In La Espada Group, we are committed to the safety of services provided to our clients, and we are striving to prevent security risks related to our operations. To this effect, the Management of La Espada Group applies these strategic objectives in terms of safety:


  • Protecting the transported customers’ goods by applying proven safety protocols and advanced safety systems, and by reporting incidents within no more than 24 hours.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and inspection of safety protocols and technology mechanisms that apply.
  • Imminently investigating the cause of any incident that may occur by determining the causes and proposing measures that reduce accident rates.
  • Promoting a safe culture among drivers, common carriers and the rest of the staff and improving this culture.

In order to meet these aims, the Management established the following schemes:


  • An organizational framework adapted to our customers’ safety requirements with the active involvement of areas such as Drivers, Traffic, the Integral Management System (quality, environment and security), Maintenance and the departments devoted to control and monitoring.
  • Internal procedures and regulations that prevent and identify action guidelines and protocols directed to the staff, specially drivers, traffic and the departments devoted to control and monitoring to provide transportation services in a safely manner.
  • The provision of specific training and awareness on safety to employees, drivers and freelancers in the company.
  • Physical and technological monitoring mechanisms that prevent potential threats of robbery, theft or losses on vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers by incorporating the highest technologies adapted to the requirements of the service provided.

Signed: The Management, 20th July 2020


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According to policies focused on continuous improvement, LA ESPADA TRANSPORT, S. L. has an homologation and assessment prior process available to its vendors. The present note gives notice of this fact.


If your company is providing services and products to our organization for the first time, you will receive all the information related to the requirements to be assessed for your HOMOLOGATION through the document request sent at the beginning of the contracting process of the first order/service. It is required to deliver the requested documents to be a vendor in our company.


If your company is already a vendor in LA ESPADA TRANSPORT, S. L., we inform you that your services are being assessed yearly according to the quantity of incidents recorded during the period. To this end, the incidents are scored based on their severity and the number of provided services. According to the obtained score, vendors are classified as ELIGIBLE or INELIGIBLE
If the result of the evaluation is satisfactory, your company will be classified as ELIGIBLE and no further notice will be required.


If the result of the evaluation is not as successful as expected (due to a large amount of incidences related to your product or service, or due to severe occurrences), LA ESPADA TRANSPORT, S. L. will notify that you are an INELIGIBLE vendor and inform you about further actions. The company reserves the right to block purchases to INELIGIBLE vendors’ without prior announce.


Moreover, and in case there are relevant incidences or nonconformities with a specific vendor, this assessment will be developed in advance. For this reason, the vendor may be classified as INELIGIBLE before the yearly period has elapsed.


If you have any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us via this e-mail address


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Dear vendor or subcontractor,


LA ESPADA TRANSPORT integrates a System on Quality and Environmental Management whose objective is to bring a management tool that allows to control provided services in order to guarantee security and safety at work, and to reduce the produced environmental impact, and, in this way, prevent pollution, protect the environment and engage with the continuous improvement of behavior towards the environment and towards customers. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the preservation of our surroundings and to customer satisfaction.


From LA ESPADA TRANSPORT, we urge you to comply with implementing legislation and to manage generated waste properly, as long as you are responsible for such generation.


We appreciate your efforts and common sense.


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