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3. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to present, mention or suggest companies or web portals, and to perform marketing or spam submissions. This type of contents will be deleted together with the accounts that performed the action. These cases could be communicated to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

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EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES AND RESPONSIBILITY: La Espada S. L. reserves the right to interrupt the access to services in any moment and without notice due to technical, security, control or maintenance reasons, power failures or any other justified cause.

As a consequence, La Espada S. L. does not guarantee the reliability or the permanent availability of both the website and the Services. For this reason, the utilization of the latter by users is performed at their own risk. La Espada S. L. does not hold any responsibility in this sense.
Moreover, La Espada S. L. , including, but no limited to, is not responsible of:

• The way users use web contents, either forbidden or permitted, to violate intellectual and/or industrial property rights of this web or other third parties’ portals.
• The harm and damages caused to users because of the normal or abnormal operation of search tools, content localization and organization and/or access to services, and, in general, due to errors and problems that may emerge during the development or application of the technical elements that build the service.
• Contents from pages that can be accessed by users from links included in the web.
• Third parties’ acts and omissions regardless their contractual relationship to La Espada S. L. .
In the same manner, La Espada S. L. is not responsible of harms and damages of all natures caused by the presence of bugs or other harmful elements that may modify IT systems, files, or systems stored in those files. For this reason, La Espada S. L. shall not be held liable in any of the following events:
• Errors and delays when the user is accessing services, when filling a form or when any other defect appears. These defects can be related to problems with the internet connection, causes of act of God or force majeure and any other unforeseen contingencies external to the good faith of La Espada S.L..
• Failures or incidents in communication, such as deletions or incomplete transmissions. Thus, the permanent availability of the services within the web site is not guaranteed.
• The errors and damages caused to the website because of an inefficient use or and act in bad faith by the user.
• Unavailability or problems related the user’s email address when submitting required information.
In any case, La Espada S.L. is committed to solve the problems that may arise and to offer all the necessary support to users in order to fix incidences in a fast and successful manner.

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It is strictly prohibited to introduce hyperlinks with commercial purposes in web pages external to La Espada S.L. that allow access to the present web portal without the explicit authorization of La Espada S.L.. In any case, the presence of hyperlinks in websites external to the company does not imply in any case the presence of commercial relationships with the owner of the web page that includes the hyperlinks or their being accepted by La Espada S.L..
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Furthermore, La Espada S.L. notices that no piece of personal data that can identify the User is logged automatically when visiting this web portal. Nevertheless, there is more information, that is non-identifiable and non-personal to specific users, which is collected through devices called “cookies”. This allows us to obtain statistic information related to web portal usage improve it continuously. All users must check our cookie policy to visit the web.
In any case, all users can perform, in any moment, their rights of access, correction, cancellation and disagreement by means of a written notice addressed to La Espada S.L. via email laespada@laespada.com
APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: For contentious or interpretative issues unrelated to contracting process and related to the web portal, the Spanish regulations will be applied in case of dispute. Both parties agree to submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which could apply, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals in Murcia city (Spain).