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Corporative Social Responsibility

ESP Solutions' Corporative Social Responsibility is everyone's voluntary commitment. It is also a commitment with others and with our environment, which involves us as a business. We engage with all stakeholders: corporate officers, employees, customers, vendors and society. It is our investment for the future.

We instill and lead by example values that are socially responsible at both individual and business levels. We stand up for a better society and protect the environment. ESP Solutions' CSR proposal improves work environment. The customer is the key, and this transparency is trustworthy. Actions and initiatives are promoted in order to reduce power consumption and efforts are doubled to minimize significantly carbon footprint.

In the last years, ESP Solutions has performed significant work in matters related to society, sustainability and responsible growth. We collaborate with Caritas Murcia in terms of social action, participate with Red Cross' Employment Plan in the social and working fields, and promote AFNADAH' inclusive efforts for kids affected by ADHA. We also help the Children's Cancer Association AFACMUR in order to improve the lives of kids with cancer and their relatives'.

We want to make visible the fight against breast cancer with the project "Camión Rosa" (Pink Truck). We travel around Europe with vehicles sponsored by AMAMA (Women Mastectomy Association from Almeria), the rower women of Flamenco Rosa from Mar Menor, the Women Mastectomy Association from Seville and Mama Help Association from Lisbon.

Cruz Roja
Flamenco Rosa
Mama Help
Amama Sevilla
Mama Help

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Faith in sport

ESP Solutions supports the values of sport by as a sports sponsor: In the football field, we sponsor Real Murcia Football Club and every football club in Ceutí and El Ranero in Murcia city. In basketball, we sponsor the club Jairis from Alcantarilla. We also promote the practice of popular athletics by sponsoring Demonios de la Montaña Trail Club in Murcia and Espartanos Sports Club in El Alquián (Almería). Moreover, we develop the project ESP Cycling, with which customers, vendors and employees are involved in the acquisition of good practices and support sports practice. It is a collaboration with society after all. This means committing with our society, contributing to wellness in a voluntary manner and improving the society we belong to continuously.

Club Jairis
Real Murcia
Ceuti Academy